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All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind,the infinite library of the universe is in our own mind .

Swami Vivekanand.

Knowledge helps to build up the basic human character of his life.Knowledge comes from various means and media can prove very effective and substantial mean to gain knowledge.Every mind is full of ideas,the only thing is one have to explore it in systematic manner.We welcome all ideas from your mind to make ourselves more knowledgeable and responsible

The Wavelets is an online magazine which will provide you with information which will be relevant to you in all aspects.

The Wavelets will try to become solid tool to spread the information which will be based on rational thinking and which will be constructive in nature.The Wavelets will become the platform for sharing the knowledge from one person to another.It will give opportunity for many unknown writers to explore their skill and information.We will always welcome the stories,informative article,and news right from experts to new young generation.

The optimistic approach should be always welcomed because it will attain the positive outcome.Wavelet will try its best to achieve its optimum results which is to build up the structure of an informative and humble society. Any suggestions are always welcome and will be appreciated. Wavelets will mainly focus on Health care,social, economical and environmental issues.We will always welcome the new ideas, thoughts, provided that it doesn't harm any one.We will also try to express our views in simple words so that it can be reached to millions who are still in the phase of learning.Suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome at contact@wavelets.in