Tea and Chapati The Most Unwanted Breakfast

Publish Date:6/16/2023 8:17:57 PM

The Chaha Chapati breakfast is popular in many parts of Maharashtra,but does it become a good option to our digestive system?

Breakfast has now become a daily routine in many houses,but what we eat during breakfast can greatly influence our health.

The diet which we take defines our health.

What we take in breakfast in morning can have its impact throughout the whole day 

Chaha Chapati as Breakfast ,

This Breakfast has a great taste,the hot chapati dipped into a cup of tea will give you pleasure and satisfaction and will also fill your stomach.

But,this Combination is against the nature of ayurveda.According to ayurveda when we eat combined food of opposite Nature it hurts our health system The chapati contains oil and salt,when we eat chapati with tea,it may increase acidity and also it can cause indigestion.

The presence of oil and salt in chapati makes it incompatible with tea.Tea which contains milk should not be consumed with salt according to ayurveda.The immunity of human being also plays important role when we eat incompatible foods.The Person with weak immunity may show immediate side effects as compared to human with the good immunity.

Many people will say that they have been taking  chapati for many years and still don't suffer from any adverse effects,the reason behind is that they have good immunity to fight against any adverse action.

The Chaha Chapati will not provide you with a good amount of Protein and Carbohydrates.The Morning breakfast should be always full of protein and carbohydrates.

The acidity may increase if we eat  chapati which in turn results in indigestion problem.Many people will argue that Chaha Chapati combination is far better than eating biscuits or other bakery products,,but it depends upon individual choice.

According to Ayurveda the food with opposite nature should not be consumed if you want to live healthy life.Chaha chapati combination is against the law of ayurveda.but if someone still want to enjoy it you should avoid adding salt to chapati and milk in tea.But this should not be taken as regular break fast

The concept of break fast become more popular during the British regime, However the food on breakfast table changed from one generation to other,The introduction of fast food in breast fast gained popularity for every generation.Fast food as breakfast breaks your entire human health structure slowly and steadily, though Chaha Chapati is not considered as junk food but it has got its certain limitations, Eating Chapati or bhakri with leafy vegetables or other grains may be better option than any other options,