Daily routine for Maintaining Proper Health Free From Disease with Ayurveda.

Publish Date:8/16/2023 10:34:47 PM

Dr. Prakash Jadhav

Ayurveda has always played an important role in maintaining a healthy life in various ways. In today's fast world, the importance of ayurveda still holds a valuable position,

There are golden rules of time tested by Ayurveda for all human beings.

This is universal health tantra for all diseases and on all occasions.

1 Drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water in the early morning from a copper pot which cleanses the digestive system and corrects hunger i.e. Tri Doshas.

2 Avoid morning breakfast. According to biorhythm and ayurveda in the time of Pitta Dosha if hunger is there between 11 A.M to 2 P.M you must take dinner.

3 When you are taking food you must take it serially one after another. Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Pungent, and Astringent  taste of food.In between you can take little water . Avoid much more water initially and after having meals .

4 Take midday rest or nap for 20 mins in the left side sleeping position. You must take a night's sleep in the South North.

5 Diet should be adjusted  by ⅔ Alkaline and ⅓  Acidic one

(Alkaline food such as Banana, Milk. Lemon,etc. Apple, Honey, Lemon, Potato, Honey, Onion, Tomato)

(Acidic food such as Meat, Sugar, biscuits, Chocolate, Eggs, Alcohol, Grains, etc.)

6 About Milk, Take it alone or leave it alone. 

Egg :Take it as a whole and not partially.

Fruits :Take fruits with meals and not after meals. Instead of Fruit juice always eat Fruits.Use desi Homemade Ghee, Avoid  opposite Diet like Milk and Fish,  Avoid iodized salt and use too little Natural Salt.Fruits  which are available in surroundings should be consumed in sufficient amounts such as Apple in Kashmir and Mango in Maharashtra.

7 For Cholesterol blockages Do Panchakarma and then use  मृगशूगभस्म, लक्ष्मीविलास रस, अर्जूनारिष्ट  etc.

Diabetes : The partial digestion of carbohydrates also has its role in Diabetes, One Should digest Carbohydrates in  your mouth through proper mastication

In exercise, विरासन,मस्यासन (Fish position), भुजगासन,(Cobra position) is very effective to control our health and also stretch your muscles 

(It is strictly advised to consult your Doctor before following any suggestions)