The Secret Method Of Effortless Meditation

Publish Date:1/2/2024 3:03:16 PM

 The Secret Method Of Effortless Meditation.

Dr Prakash Jadhav

In this spiritual world there are 112 methods of

Meditation but thousands of methods or techniques are used worldwide. Nowadays we are living in a hypnotic world and follow the false science of meditation.

उणोदरी उदरभरण तंत्र.

1 only when you are hungry then take a meal

2  take a mouthful( कंवल, घास) and chew. it thoroughly (समग्रपणे ) and (throughly) आर पार.

3 Take a small piece of food in your mouth. Chew each particle of the food silently.

3 After 3-4-5 mouthfuls, take a little water or sip of water. or (gulp) घुटका of water

4 While taking food you must observe that your stomach is going to be full. It gives the sensation of the belching process. Please stop at that moment. Drink very little water. Then belch will come. This is sufficient food for the body. No more no less ,perfectly balanced. Don't go beyond this orgasmic point. This is a golden rule. In this state the body remains calm, quiet and silent. Too much drinking of water after food leads to toxicity of the body.

After this you may sit in any position.bodily posture which you like. Body will respond to you for a long time. You will be surprised that your body will be steady  cool and silent for a long time.i.e स्थिरसुखमासनम् in this position you will be easily, automatically  by itself experience (ध्यान) meditation (अनंत समापत्ति).

There are no exertion,efforts, body will free from gravitational forces and becomes stable for a long time and अनंत समापत्ति will full feel you.

Please not well that you must try up to उणेदरी उदरभरण‌ and then relaxation takes placeautomaticallyThis is an effect of exertion. In relaxation meditation is happening.

Meditation cannot be created by human efforts. Meditation is a biological process.

It's the inner harmony of the body and nothing else. Then sitting silently doing nothing everything is done. And you will be fully filled with ( अनंत समापत्ति).

Meditation is not concentration. In concentration there is an object being concentrated upon. There is duality. In meditation there is nobody inside and nothing outside. Nothing less is the function of the meditative state of consciousness. Actually the Sanskrit word (ध्यान) is translated into English as Meditation as wrongly because Meditation means meditating upon something,some object. The Sanskrit word {ध्यान) means being in it, not meditating  on something.But it is mistakenly used as Meditation worldwide.

So please go through The Secret method of Meditation and enter into God's Kingdom.