The Battle Between VEG AND NONVEG Food,Guess Who Is the Real Winner.

Publish Date:1/5/2024 2:35:30 PM

The Battle Between VEG AND NONVEG Food,Guess Who Is the Real Winner.

Mangal Kamble.

(The writer is M.Pharm and Assistant Professor of Pharma Chemistry)

Both Veg and Non veg foods have pros and cons

According to some studies 70 % of the world population is non vegetarian which also means the remaining 30% of population is  vegetarian.However certain foods like egg or milk  products are classified as veg food by some experts while some believe they belong to the non veg food.

For pro milk drinkers milk does not contain  any animal flesh so it is veg,while for others it should be designated as non vegetarian as it is obtained from animals and any part of food which is derived from animal is considered as non veg.

Animal ethics is a point of concern for human beings in any part of the world.Torturing,killing of any innocent life is unaccaptable.Chickens have highly developed nervous systems and feel pain when they are slaughtered.

Human beings are omnivores,meaning they can eat both plants and animals.

Many scientific studies have proven that Vegetarian diet may be an effective way to increase your longevity.The plant based diet is far more powerful and prominent  as compared to non veg food.

Obesity,Heart disease,and being overweight are some of the common adverse effects of non veg food.High intake of saturated fat will always damage our cardiovascular system.

Non-veg food also has some advantages over veg food.

The  main advantage of having non veg food is that it contains a good amount of vitamin b12 as compared to plant based foods.Almost all non veg foods are also rich in high quality proteins.Fish and eggs are highly nutritious food.Fish is rich source of omega fatty acids and vitamins such as D and B2.

Human beings can live healthy without meat.Simple foods like Nuts,Oats,Green peas are rich sources of proteins which are easily available in any part of the world.

So,in the battle between veg and non veg food,The veg food becomes the clear winner.