What is mutation in covid 19,And how it impacts human health.

Publish Date:1/7/2024 8:17:51 AM

What is Mutation In Covid 19,And How It Impacts Human Health.

Dr Ajay Patil

The Word Mutation is widely used  during each wave of COVID 19,For general public the word mutation is creating panic and confusion.Mutation is very common in all types of virus.Mutation is not strange thing for virus,it is common process for many viruses including the virus which causes covid 19.The effect of mutation of virus largely determines its efficiency and overall it's impact on human health.

In simple term mutation is the change in genetic sequence of a virus.The diversity of any living organisms is due to Mutation.Mutation can make virus more dangerous or it may even make virus weak.Covid 19 has traveled from one nation to another and that makes covid 19 to mutate in different variants.The process of mutation is continuous and no one can predict the severity of mutation.

The chances of mutation in any virus increases as circulation increases.in short more will be changes in virus as more it will spread in different regions.

Some virus mutates slowly while some may mutate rapidly.The virus which causes covid 19 mutates slowly as compared to other virus,

According to WHO most changes have little to no impact on virus properties.

Mutation also helps viruses to evade immune response and also to show resistance to vaccination.Mutation is the important process for evaluation.

Viruses are always changing and they will keep changing.